How To Buy Free Domain


How To Buy Free Domain :- If you’re making your own for this website, you have a domain and  hosting you know very well hosting and domain very costly so, in this article, I will tell you how to buy a domain in free of cost

 On that internet, some website gives you a free domain and hosting this is good for beginner and student it

What is Domain Name:-  I am giving you a simple example

 The domain name is like that an address name of your home, peoples to your home by the help of your address name that is the domain name the peoples come to your website by helping your domain name that is the domain name.

How To Buy Free Domain

If you want to a free domain so you have to go to this website

How To Buy Free Domain

  • After going to this website  then search your domain name and after that, the website shows many domain names related to your name
  • You choose your domain name 
  • If your domain name is not available so choose different domain name related to your  domain name
  • Then you click on get it now and after that, you redirect to the checkout.
  • Now you create your own account if you have already account so login in your account
  • Now that domain names your now you connect your domain to your hosting

 I suggest you please do not buy free hosting from any website because your all website data store in your hosting if you by free hosting so many chances of  you will lose your data

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